pontius pilates (pontiuspilates) wrote in neuro_outreach,
pontius pilates

inaugural post

I suppose I ought to make some sort of post here. Things look so sad and bare without one. So...

Hi! Thanks for joining, everyone who's joined thus far; hopefully we can make this a useful resource.

Here's some info about me, so y'all can know who's moderating this community:

I'm Kat. I'm coming close to the end of my first year in the University of Pittsburgh's neuroscience Ph.D. program; I also majored in neuro as an undergrad. I mostly work at the cellular and molecular levels of neuroscience: my research is geared towards understanding the role of neurotrophin signalling pathways in sensory neuron development and axonal regeneration following injury.

I feel that now more than ever, it is important for the public to understand neuroscience research: the field is expanding by leaps and bounds, and people have the right to learn what's making their brains tick. Also, in the current political climate, scientific inquiry seems to be less valued with each passing day; I think the best way to remedy this is for scientists to tell the public about their research and why it's important. But I'm probably preaching to the converted ;) Anyhow, that's why I started this community.

So, goodnight and happy posting, everyone!
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